One day, I hope this page is full of books that I have written for young adults and children. I am currently writing my first young adult novel. I have almost completed another draft which I hope to send to the lady who is reading my work for her critical eye and feedback.

In the meantime I would like to share with you something that I have written but up until now, have kept private. I have always had a deep connection to nature and one morning words streamed into my head as I stumbled out of bed trying to pen them down as quickly as possible. I remember it was a school morning so I was busy trying to make lunches and get my kids ready for school. I jotted down what immediately came to me, took my children to school and returned to finish what I had started. It was written in no time at all, easily and effortlessly which signifies to me, it has come from a divine place. It is a poem where Earth is personified and the title is Clutter. I hope you enjoy it.


Earth cries.
Nobody hears.

Torrential tears attract attention.
No action.

Earth speaks.
Nobody listens.

Earth yells and rebels causing widespread havoc and fear.
Shock commands the worldwide stage.

Attention is gained at a great loss.

People unite from all walks of life,
a powerful force in its own right.

Earth is a teacher ready to teach,
waiting for students eager to learn.

Earth smiles when balance is restored.
Its strong desire to survive and thrive cannot be ignored.

Earth needs your light, guiding its course and plight.
As light spreads across earth’s plains, so too will clarity and calm.
Clutter and chaos will descend and earth will peacefully mend.

Earth is similar to you.
Earth has needs too.


Written by Michelle Griffiths



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